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    Post by Admin on Fri Oct 05, 2012 3:38 pm

    Casumo casino .

    Right now we’ll give you 50% extra on anything you deposit up to €50. That’s not all. You’ll also get 20 free spins to warm up with. All automatically! Fill in the form to the right and you’ll be there in a minute.

    We call it a casino adventure. Here at Casumo you cannot only win big bucks and money, you can win trophies and valuables. With each spin, deal or round you collect points. and earn experience points that you can use to gain advantages. We’ve got hundreds of games to choose from, but to us quantity is not as important as quality. We’ve handpicked the very best games we know for you. Hooray!

    What’s the thing with this casino adventure?

    All time and energy you put in to Casumo is accounted for in your casino adventure. The more you play, the further you will progress in the adventure and you will find all exciting levels. You can check how far you have to reach the next level in the progress bar in the top left corner, once full it means you are at the next level. Hopefully you will find loads of fun things at your arrival. The color of your belt changes the chances to find treasures, freespins and other fun things at the arrival of each level in the adventure. Go to your adventure page to check how far in the casino adventure you’ve gotten and how far you have to the next checkpoint (level). At your adventure page you can also admire all the shiny trophies you’ve collected. Good work!

    Casumo casino give you 20 free spins.

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